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    What is Notion?

    Notion is an all in one solution to keep things organized.  They want to break away from today’s tool. As a first step, they are blending much of your workflow into an all-in-one workspace. Want a task list? A product roadmap? A design repository? They are now all in one place.

    You can even customize your own workspace from dozens of LEGO-style building blocks, helping you to solve your problems your way, bounded only by your imagination.

    You can read more about the Notion story here.

    What are Notion Templates?

    Notion templates are workspaces build by creators and other professionals to help make using Notion much easier.

    Rather than taking days to build a custom Notion workspace for your needs, it might make sense to look for one that has already been created.

    Notion templates are easy to duplicate, often made by someone who has spent time iterating and building templates that work very well for specific tasks.

    When you purchase or access a Notion template you can quickly duplicate it to your own Notion setup.

    This can all work on Notion’s free plan.

    So what are you waiting for, find the perfect Notion workspace for you in our template gallery!


    Common questions

    Don’t worry we can help clear up any notion template-related questions you might have.

    These templates can save you a lot of time and can make use of the most powerful Notion features.

    It depends on the template. Some are free and some are paid. The price is clearly stated on each Notion template.

    Of course, follow the link further up this page to submit your own template to the gallery.

    Again this depends on each template. Often, creators will update the content in their templates alongside large Notion updates.

    Yes, reach out to james@notiontemplates.tech with any requirements. We can help to build a fully custom Notion template for your needs.