The Freelancer Hub


By the joypunk co.

The Freelancer’s Dream ???? I created this template to bring the large scale organization of an agency with numerous clients down to a smaller scale for a freelancer! Keep up with daily priorities, remind yourself of notes at a glance, find client contact info quickly, and see what’s coming up!


I was excited to build this because I am a freelance digital consultant that needed more structure to keep track of my clients, projects, and meetings without having things in a million different places! Along with this my hours tracking was a wreck… it was way too much.
So I create a template that integrates everything that I was looking for. The main task database is connected to the client and project database, you can view these tasks conveniently in a calendar or board view along with their status. These are simultaneously connected to meeting notes which you can look at in their own database or when connected to a meeting. You can also view your project timeline and corresponding docs in their own database or timeline!
And lastly, (my favorite part) the hours tracker. There is an integrated hours tracker where you can add hours that correspond to a task. These will auto-populate in their own database so you can keep up with your hours in the most SPECIFIC and convenient way!
I hope you love this template as much as I do.
If you want to take this template to the next level look up notion automate and integrate your google calendar into this calendar.
Contact me at with any questions or concerns. Happy working!