The All-in Life Management Notion Template (Integrated GTD, PARA & Goal Setting System)


By Kafe Dy

This Notion pack is for anyone who has a lot of different responsibilities, and can benefit from having it all in one place. It integrates different tried and true organization systems, namely, the GTD, PARA and Eisenhower’s Matrix, and more!


Have you ever been so overwhelmed by all your tasks that you were unsure where to even start? What about your personal and professional goals? What if you have a side business?
Life can be a whooole thing. I totally feel you, and I’m here to help!
I’ve developed this Notion pack to suit my needs as a college student, freelancing, working part-time, and juggling multiple projects and responsibilities. This pack was a gamechanger for me because I was finally able to have all my notes, tasks, and goals **organized** in one place.
This pack is for:
– Taking control of your life and unlocking your full potential by staying on track with all your life areas, projects, and goals!
– Keeping a thorough database of everything useful you want to remember!
– Finding balance, clarity, and peace of mind amongst the juggling act that is life!
With this pack, you get 6 main pages and over 20 more pages and templates. This includes:
✨ A home dashboard with an overview of your current tasks, projects & goals
✨ A step by step GTD system
✨ An interconnected PARA system with project templates and trackers and resources included (with 15 templates including a reading tracker, a money tracker, a project template, and a school subject template)
✨ A templated life balance journal page that includes templates for multiple categories—health, vent, thoughts dumb, notable events, weekly and monthly prompts that link to important pages for review.
✨ A 2021 goals overview and tracker where you can break down your goals quarterly, monthly, and weekly, and link them to projects!
✨ A yearly gallery overview of the monthly journal reviews, so that you can look back at the best moments of the year
If you’re unfamiliar with the GTD, and PARA systems used here, no worries! I’ve got guides on how to use this pack, and my line is always open for inquiries!
🎁 Freebies:
I wanna throw in some of my personal essentials because I still prefer to do my daily management with a pen and paper:
– Printable habit tracker!
– Printable daily tracker!
– Printable project timeline!
– A savings and cashflow G sheet! (Notion is bae, but when it comes to sheets there is really no competition with good old G sheets!)