Studio Pro System


By Felipe

The Studio Pro System was created to help creative studios to become what they need to become if they wish to grow and stand out among others: The least risky option. It’s not about being the best, it’s about showing clients you’re the least risky option. More clients, more money, bigger profits.


Clients don’t choose the best option. They choose the least risky option!
If you can’t figure out why some studios get so many good clients while presenting less quality work than yours, the statement above is the answer you’d been looking for.
In simple words: they don’t present themselves as the best option, they present themselves as the least risky option. How do they do it? By showing expertise, authority, and more important, by making the right questions.
The Dashboard – Top Navigation Section
The top navigation section is enough to show you what the Studio Pro System can offer. In short, it has about 280 pages (including subpages).
The $10K+ Website Roadmap is the most important piece.
Alone, the $10K+ Website Roadmap can transform your creative business. It’s divided into 5 stages:
Content Development
UX/UI Design
Webflow Development (it can be adapted to WordPress)
Post-Launch Support
The stages are divided into different phases, some of them with a step-by-step process attached. The $10K Website Roadmap offers two main views: Milestones and Timeline.
Each one of the stages is also a page, which contains tasks and steps. They were organized on a board as seen on tools like Trello and Asana.
All tasks and steps are initially set as “No Status”. Notes related to each one of the tasks can be made inside of the page itself.
You can share the page with your clients or invite them as a guest. They will be able to add their own notes, make comments, provide feedback, and so on.
More than offering a roadmap that gives you the needed elements to ask 10K or more for a website, the Studio Pro System has everything you need to run your business.
Expenses (subscriptions and one-time purchases)
Earnings (by type of work)
CRM (sales pipeline and clients data organized by type)
Win & Loss Record – Proposal Tracker
Professional Directory
Base Information
Job Sucess Score
Invoices (5 types)
Meeting Notes (3 types)
Creative Brief
Project Brief (covering 8 key areas, with dozens of different questions)
Project Proposal
Copyright Transfer (just a model of how it can be made)
Help Center
Scripts (blank space to add scripts regarding anything you want)
Resources (more than 25)
Custom Code (blank space to embed JavaScript or CodePen scripts)
Guide (tutorials on how to use the Studio Pro System)
The Studio Pro System also offers management pages for:
Commitments and obligations (Agenda)
By sharing a process like the $10K Website Roadmap, you’re showing expertise.
When you make the right questions, you show authority.
The Studio Pro System is your best friend in this case.
Product Release
Wave #1: 50% off the final future price. Limited to the first 100 buyers.
Wave #2: 25% off the final future price. Limited to 100 buyers. Available 1 week after wave #1 completes.
Wave #3: Full price. No limit. Starts after Wave #2 is sold out.
The final price was estimated to $96.
Wave #1 = $48
Wave #2 = $72
More clients, more money, bigger profits!