Spatial Task List


By Louis Pereira

Task lists are everywhere. I’ve tried them all. Some were good, but none helped me focus on the important stuff. So I built this. This tool classifies my daily tasks based on importance and effort, so I can effectively chunk my time and do the most important tasks when I am post-productive.


A tool to help you work on your most important tasks at your most productive hours.
Nothing crazy – It’s simple but effective.
???? The tool has a section to dump all your future tasks and classify them as important or not. You can then also classify the amount of effort the task will require.
???? On the day the task is due, it will appear in your task matrix in one of four quadrants.
Incomplete tasks from previous days will also appear here.
???? You can then schedule your most important tasks for your most productive hours, so you get things done more efficiently.
The best part?
It’s completely customizable.
Add your own categories, your own time slots, and even add new views.
I’ve tried a bunch of tools to help with task management, and this one has stuck.
Hopefully, you enjoy it as much as I do.
If you have questions, DM me on Twitter @LouisPereira23.