Personal Website Template


By Liam Sorta

A Notion-based personal website that has been recruiter/client optimized to make sure you’re making the most of every opportunity!

???? Looking for a new kind of personal website?

I have been through so many personal websites in the past, going from a filmmaker, to software engineer, and now, to a developer advocate.

Notion changed the game for me:

???? No more clunky WordPress templates

???? No recompiling a site and uploading via FTP

All content is easily edited, easy to expand on/customise, and provides a great way to show people what YOU do best.

Whether you’re open for work or happily employed, having a great personal website makes it easier for you to meet interesting people, showcase what you do, and maximise your opportunities.

⭐ Why THIS template?

I’ve reviewed CVs as a startup founder, a FAANG interviewer, and provided personalised feedback on hundreds of others across tech/marketing.

The sections on this site are optimised for the key information recruiters/hiring managers look for.

???? Extra Hand

New to notion? If you have any questions about the platform, or just want some feedback on your implementation/customisation of the template, feel free to get in touch!

My DMs are open on Twitter 🙂