Parents Interview Kickstarter


By Rahul Acharya

I recently wanted to interview my dad. While I could come up with my own questions, there wasn’t any framework that would take me through his journey from his infancy to his current age. So, I created this framework based on 7 stages of life, that allows the interviewee to tell their story.


Motivation – why did I create it?
When deciding to interview my dad about his life, it was quite difficult to come up with questions that seemed coherent and yet diverse enough to capture his personality and his journey. A well organized question set to get started quickly, was difficult to find.
Process – How did I go about creating it?
So, over a period of a week and gathering questions from my own family members, I managed to put together questions in the format that I wanted. While also being poetically fit with William Shakespeare and Hippocrates’ 7 stages of life.
Value – What do you get?
– Coverage: While the exhaustive list will suffice to enable your folks to tell their stories, it is also handy to add your own questions to existing category or create your own category altogether.
– Time saver: All in all, this will save you the pain of scavenging questions, filtering them, organizing them and visualizing the flow.