Life Cockpit – Notion life organization essential


By Márcia Cunha dos Santos

The essential kit to organize your life. Simple but very helpful daily. In this pack, there a system that connects your goals -> outcomes -> tasks, to help you achieve what you want. Also a finance and a brain dump template.


– A beautiful Home view consisting of: – A goals database to register and track your goals. – An outcome database to register the outcomes you need to complete your goals. – The view of the specific daily tasks. – Quick links and a calendar. – A week planning template. This template has two databases. – One is focused to record all the tasks you need to complete. This database is related to your outcomes, so you can continue tracking your goals. – Another one is focused on organizing your week per day. – A Braindump template that aims to save all your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge that you want to register in a place organized for later organization. – A finance tracking template.