Get Shit Done — Smart Notion template for goals & planner


By Josh Lee

Get Shit Done with a smart, effective goals & planner template for Notion with a built-in feedback loop.

Pick your goals. No fluff, so you can focus on getting shit done.

It’s about showing up. Don’t worry about running 5 miles every day; you are succeeding simply if you put your shoes on. 👟 If you can do that, the rest will fall into place.

A planner with a built-in feedback loop, so you get the important shit done

The planner forces you to evaluate your priorities every day, and break down overwhelming tasks into smaller pieces.

Check how you’re doing. A progress bar for your life. 💯

See all your goals on one screen, highlighting where you’re falling behind & where you’re on track. You’ll know what to prioritise at a glance. It’s all about getting 1% better every day.

Distilled from learnings of productivity giants

James Clear’s work made a big impact on the design for Get Shit Done, and I’d like to acknowledge it here. No affiliation!

Do you have ADHD?

Me too! Diagnosed as a child, it affects me day-to-day as an adult, like many people. I feel truly in control when I focus on making deliberate, small actions coupled with a planner that forces me to break down work. There’s plenty of tools out there; TodoistTrelloAsanaAvocation, but I need a system that thinks like I do. So I built one.