Freelance Client Portal Notion Template


By Frances Odera Matthews

I built this Client Portal Notion Template, for creative freelancers! As a senior project manager at a creative agency, I was struggling to keep track of everything in Google Drive. I built this and it legitimately changed my life with how efficient everything became.


Are you a creative freelancer and want to:
⌛ Save time?
???? Win more clients as a freelancer with a unique service offering?
????Track feedback/versions more easily (goodbyeee messy email threads)

I built this portal system as senior project manager for a successful creative agency and it changed my life with managing clients/projects

For a one-time payment, you get lifetime access to:
– A project dashboard to store/manage all your projects
– Save time and customise the template to fit your business – ‘reproduce your process’ at the click of a button
– A more professional client experience which will land you more projects
– Increased transparency with task/questions status using the built in communication boards – say bye to messy email threads!
– No more arguing over which pieces of feedback are linked to which version of the deliverable (sigh), using the simple deliverables/version tracker
– Flag anything that needs to discussed pre-kickoff in the Risk Assessment area
– Both you and the client will have access to the ‘Project Notes’ page
– Clean file management in the Resources database
– Increase potential conversion and introduce the idea of ???? future work ???? using the ‘Backlog’ area
– Onboarding advice for Notion/the portal and email template to send to clients

Remember, this system is tried and tested and the learning curve is not as steep as you would think! I’ve onboarded clients with range of technical abilities with no problem.

Want to get the best out of this template? Book a 30 minute coaching call ????
Here I am on Notion’s official YouTube channel (8 k+ views!)

I love hearing success stories, feel free to contact me so I can hear how you’re getting on.
Additionally, let me know if you’d like to partner on a template!