Digital Marketing Workflow


By Mr Marketing

Streamline your Marketing Campaign Workflow. Template set includes Campaign Calendar, Strategic Roadmap, Scrumboard for all your Digital Assets, Briefings Templates (for Social, Youtube, Website, Adwords, Influencers etc) and +50 FREE DIGITAL TACTICS & IDEAS to get inspired


Streamline your Marketing Campaign Workflow
Do your Campaigns cover the Complete Customer Lifecycle? Or are you only focussing in getting new customers in and forget your current customer base?
Do you have a realtime overview of the Status of all your Campaigns? Or are you lostin in Excel Sheets and your Inbox?
Is your team Working efficient as one Team with your freelancers and agencies?
Get organised with this Workspace, build in
This is for you if
You understand the basics of Notion.
You work in a Marketing Department or a Media or Creative agency.
You design the Strategy or need to Deliver it
You need to Manage and Deliver multiple campaigns
You want to work more efficient
This includes
Strategic Roadmap template
Campaign Calendar overview template
Scrumboard for all your Digital Assets
Briefings Templates for Social, Youtube, Website, Adwords, Influencers etc.
+50 FREE DIGITAL TACTICS & IDEAS to get inspired
Customer Lifecycle Strategy
Don’t just focus Acquisition; make sure you have a Balanced Strategy to maximise the return on your Marketing Activities and Resources.
Campaigns across the entire Customer Lifecycle
All Marketing Activities are color coded
REACH – Create Awareness and drive Consideration
NURTURE – Stay in Touch with known Leads
SELL – Convert people into first time Customers
ONBOARD – Distribute and Educate on your Brand and Product/Service
ENGAGE – Stay in touch with relevant Content and Propositions
KEEP – Reactivate or Winback lapsed Customers
GROW – Sell more to Existing Customers
Not Happy? Money back Guarantee
Let me know if you don’t like the Notion Workspace. I am more than happy to do a refund.