Cryptower control v1.0


By Arnaud Gf

A Notion’s template to follow your Crypto investments and performance. Make your own knowledge Data Base to improve your skills. Don’t pay hundreds of $ for knowledge about cryptomarket, make it your own and manage it with this template.


In Crypto Investment, one of the most important thing to know is that you have to make some research and improve your skills when you want to invest in a cryptocurrencie to make the best choice. You can make good investment only with good skills, it’s your duty to improve your knowledge !
This template will help you to capitalise on your research and follow your investment, define the selling strategy when you buy a crypto, rate your favorite tokens, check the market at a glance but also your different wallet in one place.
It is made up of 4 pages and a link to a “Help & Support” external page that could be a FAQ-like page for this template :
**The main page:**
There is Some embed link to crypto market website that could help you to know how the market is at a glance and some lint tink to altcoin index, fear and greed index and other crypto-market website. If you don’t find your favorite one you just have to add it with a button at the bottom.
**”Token List” page:**
A page with a table of Token (20+) with some informations (price, project, website market value) and a template to add your favorite token/Cryptocurrencies. This template allows you to create for each token/crypto a button to add an URL related to the token (marketcap, website, whitepaper) and a table where you can note all the media/document to capitalise on your research or document for future reading.
Attention: Today (27 Mar 2021) the Token’s price is not update automatically because the API are not available yet on Notion (i will make an update when it could be possible in Help&Support page) but embed widgets allows you to check the price at a glance (you will find a tuto to add your own widget on the “Help & support” page).
**”Wallet monitoring” page: 3 tables to manage and follow your investment.**
– The first one to note all your deposit and withdraw, very important to calculate your performance for each wallet but also for taxes and salaries declarations.
– The second one with your crypto holding in your different wallet. Use the template to add you next holding to have a table to note the date when you buy a crypto and what’s the price at this moment (with a calculated +/- value), the strategy to know when you want to sell it and a rate to mark your favorite token.
– The third table is the wallet/Exchange table to know at a glance how many money you already deposit (with a link to the first table) and how much do you have today (with a link to the second table and you have to update the token’s price to update this data) and get your performance for each wallet.
**”Tips and Ressources” Page with 2 tables:**
– The first one with all the media that you find and could help you to improve you skills, such as youtuber’s top invest to understand their analyse and check afterwards if they had the right point of view and learn.
– The second one with all the source (youtube, blog, website) where you can find your informations.
Has i’m French, you will find in this template some informations such as youtube’s video in French that helped me to improve my knowledge.Don’t pay hundreds of $ for knowledge about cryptomarket, make your own and manage it with this template that could also helps you to follow your investments.
Has i’m French, you will find in this template some knowledge such as youtube’s video in French that helped me to improve my knowledge.