Consumer 2 Creator Lab


By Ev Chapman

Build a content ecosystem based around your unique workflow that takes you from consumer to creator.

Great Creators Consume… With Intent.

The Consumer 2 Creator Lab is a Notion Workspace & Workshop designed to help you consume content with intent and remix it into new creative ideas you can publish.

???? It’s designed for the clipper who clips hundreds of articles but never seems to get round to reading them.

???? It’s designed for the dreamer who has so many ideas but never seems to get around to publishing any of them.

???? It’s designed for the creator who is currently shipping, but it’s a chaotic mess and if you don’t do something soon you’re going to burn out.

You’ll get access to the full Consumer 2 Creator Template + A 90 Minute Workshop & resource library where I show you how to get set up and start using the template.