CollegeApp OS


By Vinay Kanumuri

CollegeApp OS is a comprehensive Notion dashboard to help high schoolers apply to college. It serves as an all-in-one workspace for students to draft essays, track to-dos, and organize applications. It also curates some of the best college admissions resources to help students perfect their apps.


I designed CollegeApp OS to be an all-in-one framework to help you through the college admissions process. After helping many family and friends with their college applications over the years, I thought it would be helpful to collect everything I had earned and create something that could help anyone anywhere. This Notion dashboard is the perfect place to organize your application to-dos, draft your essays, and manage just about everything else all in one place. I’ve also curated some of the best admissions resources and advice to help you succeed. These are the systems and tools that helped me get into schools like Harvard and UPenn. I hope they help you too!