Agile Project Management Templates


By Isabel Nyo

Agile Project Management Templates is designed for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and. Team Leads. From Decision Making to Incident Post-mortem, and everything in between to help you manage software development teams using agile methodology and deliver customer value with ease and efficiency.


Managing a software development team is both an art and a science. In the last two decades of my career, I’ve worked in many software development teams, both as a software developer and an engineering manager. I’ve seen first hand how critical it’s to manage a technical team effectively.
The solution is here! Agile way of working gives team autonomy that software development team desire but also ensures accountability. However, often, I’ve seen agile methodology not being applied as well as it should and there are so many misconception about agile.
Agile doesn’t mean not having any written record or doing everything via in-person meetings. Agile, documentation, and remote work can and will co-exist and these templates that I’ve designed help any project manager, scrum master or a team lead effectively manage a software project in such a situation.