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By Kat D’Urzo

This is the organizational system I wish I had during my MSc.


During graduate school, there was always a paper to read, a study to coordinate and a conference to attend. And…for the most part, at least in my experience, these areas of research were always so disjointed. In my mind, it made sense to connect the abstract with the manuscript that I presented at that conference that year ALONGSIDE my schedule. Don’t get me wrong, Excel is and will always be an old and trusted friend…but it just doesn’t allow for the flexibility and accessibility of information that Notion does. If when working on a manuscript you, like me, want to be know what abstracts are linked to it, where it has been submitted or presented, and what other research papers informed or guided the work – this template is for you! Not only that, this template will connect it all back to project-specific timelines. Just imagine how far this system could go during meetings with supervisors, PIs, students and lab mates!