40+ Of The Best Notion Templates In 2021

Notion is such a powerful tool to improve your productivity. With new features being shipped, such as their new API, it’s got everything to keep your personal and business life organized.

But, it can take a while to get set up. If you’ve just downloaded Notion, it can be a little daunting as well.

So, we have taken the time to put together a huge roundup of the best Notion templates for 2021. You can quickly get them and copy them into your workspace to save hours of creation time.


Notion templates

Notion Growth Workspace

Are you looking to start your own business or have a great startup idea? Not quite sure how to plan it or get it off the ground?

Say hello to the Notion Growth Workspace. The leading frameworks and techniques in project management, SEO, fundraising, and sales. All available in a fully customizable and dynamic Notion template. It is preloaded with an investor CRM, startup tools, email templates, and events.

If you need something to help you launch your next business, then this template is for you.


SEO Operating System

Seo has consistently proven to be a significant generator of business and customers. It’s one of the most critical things to get right to grow and generate revenue.

For those SEOs out there, this Notion template is such a great tool to help keep your daily work organized.

It contains over 100+ Notion templates to help you grow and build your way to HUGE amounts of organic traffic, engaged visitors and paying customers.


Buyer persona, Empathy map & Customer journey

This template will serve your content strategy to know your audience deeply so you can plan better content.

Take control of your business’ inbound process with this powerful Notion template.


Advanced Expense Tracker + Net worth Calculator

We’ve been there at the end of the month with hundreds of expenses to submit. This process can be lengthy and, frankly, annoying.

This template is one of the most advanced trackers out there, which tracks your expenses, incomes, loans, and insurances, and in the end, calculate the net worth for you.

Some expense tracking templates can be too complex, but this one is just powerful enough to cover all bases, but not too much that it becomes difficult to use.


Body follow-up

Please don’t neglect your health, even when it comes to Notion. You only have one body, so treat it well!

Here you can find a template that will allow you to have a follow-up on your physical goals. Perfect for those who want to achieve specific goals or for people who are undergoing medical care. Great to start 2021 with health benefits!

Balance OS | Integrated GTD, PARA & Goal Setting Notion Template

With interconnected GTD, PARA, and Goal Setting templates, this ALL-IN life Management SYSTEM is meant to help you organize and align all the different areas of your life.

Business Model Canvas & Lean Canvas Templates

Short Story: I made these templates out of frustration of the traditional ways like PDFPPTXXLS, in my case this template helped me save more time creating BMC’s and Lean Canvas, I hope it saves you more time too.

Consumer 2 Creator Lab

Build a content ecosystem based around your unique workflow that takes you from consumer to creator.

Personal Website Template

A Notion-based personal website that has been recruiter/client optimized to make sure you’re making the most of every opportunity!

Travelo : Notion Travel planner template

Travelo helps you to turn your travel bucket list into a bulletproof action plan and help you manage all your adventures in single common workspace.

Obsidian Life OS

Unified all in one personal workflow notion system. Life is full of options and noise. By applying the best systems, you can focus on what truly add value to your life.


Calendar 2021

Sometimes the simple ones are the best.

Get the Notion template with the Calendar for 2021. All days, weeks, months, and years are already filled with all the valuable information you need.

Do you use Notion as a diary? Do you like tracking your habits, doing some reviewing of your every day? With this template, you won’t need to add all the details manually. No more dates, icons, or relations to months or weeks. Duplicate it as many times as you like and use it as it is more convenient for you.



Creator Kat D’Urzo has this to say about her academia template:

“During graduate school, there was always a paper to read, a study to coordinate, and a conference to attend. And…for the most part, at least in my experience, these areas of research were always so disjointed. In my mind, it made sense to connect the abstract with the manuscript that I presented at that conference that year ALONGSIDE my schedule. Don’t get me wrong, Excel is and will always be an old and trusted friend…but it just doesn’t allow for the flexibility and accessibility of information that Notion does. If, when working on a manuscript, you, like me, want to know what abstracts are linked to it, where it has been submitted or presented, and what other research papers informed or guided the work – this template is for you! Not only that, this template will connect it all back to project-specific timelines. Just imagine how far this system could go during meetings with supervisors, PIs, students, and lab mates!”

This could be the perfect template for you if you are in a similar position!


Capital Raising Toolkit

The Capital Raising Toolkit is the ultimate Notion template for tried & tested startup capital raising resources from founders who have helped raised over $50 million. From understanding term sheets to managing your investor relationships, this is the template for any successful startup founder.

Designed by founders who have raised over $50m, the best practices of startup capital raising have been put into one easy-to-follow Notion template with over 15 interactive tools, resources, and guides you can use to raise capital your startup successfully. Whether you’re a first-time founder or want to run your most accessible capital raise yet, this is the template for you!

Pod Stack

Podcasts are everywhere these days, and they can be a great avenue to promote yourself or your business.

Pod Stack is an easy-to-use Notion template that helps you create & manage your podcast. From episode preparation to monetization, it covers everything you need.


Content Mastery – Perfecting YouTube

This is a comprehensive and tested Notion YouTube system to makes sure you post consistently AND stress-free on YouTube.‍

Consistency is the key to YouTube success, and this powerful Notion template will help you to do just that, with script templates, calendars, and task lists.


A clear dashboard for a clear mind

Tania created this template for the people who are searching for a better organization in their lives. For people searching for a place where they can put all their thoughts and manage their lives. So if you’re one of them, join the meet and welcome on board!


Planck – Plan. Prioritize. Work.

This is a unique Notion template that’s really like no other. It’s based on a way of prioritizing your work using a specific framework.

With four long years of experimentation, the creators have created their PlanQ Box with the help of The Eisenhower Technique of prioritizing urgent and essential tasks that you need to focus on and get rid of the unnecessary ones!


Project X – A tool to maximize the next decade of your life

Most todo and productivity solutions are short-term. But why not take it to the next level and plan the next decade of your life?

Project X is a Vision Board, Goal Setter, Habit Tracker, and Journal – all rolled into one. It will help you align your actions today with your goals for the decade ahead.


Code Snippets Manager

A simple to use, beautifully designed system for storing snippets and sharing them with your team.

Organize your snippets by language or category. Keep track of where you found the snippet. Sort your snippets based on which you use the most


Hustle OS

Got a big idea? Let’s turn it into your greatest Hustle. Easily execute your dream business with 1 proven step-by-step plan and process, 20+ ready-to-use Notion templates and 100+ resources & materials.

Coursecharter Life Operating System

This is the complete foundation for you to start your journey to operating your life systematically! It covers vision, goals, projects, second brain and daily journaling. You will soon become a Coursecharter yourself and have a clear view of your future.

Life Wiki

Go on, why not make a Notion template for your entire life?

This is a template for your Life Wiki. It is a home page that tracks your day-to-day life and keeps you on track for your more long-term goals. It has numerous elements that make it perfect for a student from any walk of life and even a working professional with a passion for aesthetics.


Freelance Client Portal Notion Template

The creator built this Client Portal Notion Template specifically for creative freelancers! As a senior project manager at a creative agency, they struggled to keep track of everything in Google Drive.

If you are a freelancer looking to improve the efficiency of your freelance projects, this is the Notion template for you.


Learning guitar Notion template

For the more creative types out there. Ever wanted to learn and master the guitar but love the processes and structure that come with Notion? Well, this is the perfect template for you.

This template will help you keep track of your guitar knowledge progress. It contains a chord database to help memorize and a song database to help you learn and build your music.


Creative Habit Tracker [from 2021 to 2025]

This template is used to track daily habits. It helps me stay motivated and track my progress. It also gives me a high-level view at the end of the month of how well I’m doing. It is already filled with all the required information and icons for you only to have to fill them with your habits.


Academic Organization

A powerful template that will help students practice organization with course outlines, syllabus, Calendar, and much more.


Digital Marketing Workflow

Streamline your Marketing Campaign Workflow. Template set includes Campaign Calendar, Strategic Roadmap, Scrum board for all your Digital Assets, Briefings Templates (for Social, Youtube, Website, Adwords, Influencers, etc.).

This template also comes with 50+ digital tactics and ideas to get inspired.


Social Media Dashboard

Keeping on top of those social media accounts can be tricky without organizing ideas and having a space to condense them into the excellent copy to go out on your social channels.

Plan and organize social media content for a week or a whole year with the Social Media Dashboard Notion Template Bundle! Complete with templates and subpages for the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Think of it as your central hub for social media content planning and creation.


Company Press Page

This sweet template helps you create a stylish, up-to-date, and genuinely helpful press page in minutes with Notion. And then update it whenever you want, without asking your developers.

You can show off your press mentions, share a library of your assets for easy access and more and customize the page to perfectly match your brand identity.


Scientific Paper

A Notion template for all the scientists out there. Using this template throughout the research process will keep you organized and save a great deal of time in the end.


Internships – Cold Emailing to get an Interview

We all know how hard it can be to get on the career ladder. Reaching out for internships can be tedious and unsuccessful.

This creator, while searching for an internship, often received no responses from my cold emails. It wasn’t until years and many iterations that their cold emailing became effective. This contains the templates that helped land their internships at Stripe, Facebook, and Yelp.


Notion Ecommerce Business KIT

With e-commerce taking off in the last few years, there’s never been a better time to get ahead and create your own business.

The Notion Ecommerce Business KIT is an easy-to-use package with everything you need to run a successful eCommerce business from one place.

The templates contain everything from describing your business value, customers, competitors to managing your entire inventory, orders, refunds, customers, notes, tasks, social media management, finance, and many more! Ready for you to use, adjust and progress in your e-commerce business journey.


Wedding Planner Template

What about that special day? For the perfectionist who is looking to plan everything down to the smallest detail, this template has got you covered.


Daily Gratitude Journal

template that allows you to record my gratitude for the day so that you can reflect on these things at the end of the year or for those difficult days when you are feeling down.


Link Manager / Reading List

Sick of using the build-in Apple reading list? Or has Pocket gotten you in a twist?

This template is your replacement for reading list apps like Pocket, right inside Notion!


Customer Journey Map

This template enables you to create a visual map of a customer/persona’s thoughts and feelings as they try out your product or service, as well as a detailed breakdown of the user journey.

Understanding your customer journey is super important for most businesses. This Notion dashboard will help you do it right inside Notion, leveraging their powerful features.


All-in-one Personal Planning Dashboard

Use this aesthetic notion personal dashboard to organize everything in your life towards better productivity and personal growth! Highlighted features include:

Kanban board for planning and tracking

Reading catalog

Habit tracker

Content creation and learnings

It also includes widgets for your convenience like Spotify and weather forecast.


CollegeApp OS

CollegeApp OS is a comprehensive Notion dashboard to help high schoolers apply to college. It serves as an all-in-one workspace for students to draft essays, track todos, and organize applications. It also curates some of the best college admissions resources to help students perfect their apps.

Perfect for those looking to get into their dream college and put together the ideal application.


Notion Startup OS

Are you looking to start your own business or venture? It can be challenging to get your head around all of the moving parts of an early-stage startup.

This template is one of the fastest ways to launch and manage your startup. Notion Startup OS is the best way to launch and manage your startup, from idea to exit, right inside Notion.


What is Notion?

Notion is a powerful productivity tool that lets users create highly customized workspaces. These can be everything from simple pages with todo lists through to complex databases with hundreds of features.

It’s becoming more powerful all the time. They have recently shipped an API opening up all of these templates to your other tools and services, helping to keep you fully organized and on top of everything you are working on.


How do Notion templates work?

There’s no downloading of templates and installations with Notion. All you have to do is simply click the link and duplicate the template into your Notion workspace. That’s it, two clicks, and you are there.

It’s effortless to use Notion templates, and that’s most likely why they have become so popular from business uses to personal development and health.

You can still download the templates if you wish and store them locally if you so wish.

Many templates are regularly updated and offer support and refunds if you don’t get the initially anticipated value.

Remember, check out all of our templates to find more great Notion templates to help you achieve your goals.